Royal College of Science Union

You can take on any task, but only one. Take your pick from this year's selection!

Make sure you don't include any personally identifying information in your submission.

Prof. Lord Oxburgh's Question

"In June 2017, a giant iceberg the size of Delaware broke off the Larsen C Ice Shelf in West Antarctica, creating an 80 mile long crack in the ice. How do relatively small shifts, rifts and changes lead to a long lasting effect on our planet's climate?"

Answer this question via an essay, up to 1500 words

Dr. Shini Somara's Question

"To what extent have giant leaps in scientific progress been influenced by shifts within the scientists themselves?"

Answer this question via a feature article, up to 1500 words

Dr. Felicia Yap's Question

"Select a scientific discovery or technological development from the past 5 years. Now, imagine a single day in the year 2048. How will this breakthrough affect daily life?"

Answer this question via a creative writing piece, up to 1500 words

Dr. Martin Archer's Task

"What small area of current research do you think has the potential to revolutionise our lives and why?"

Answer this question via a video or audio clip uploaded to YouTube, with a maximum length of 5 minutes, with the hashtag #RCSU_SciChalXI.

We are looking for creativity, clarity, and accuracy.