Royal College of Science Union

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Lord Christopher Fox

Lord Christopher Fox's Question

"Imagine/project how A.I. will improve people's lives by 2035.

Propose the role of natural Scientists in making this happen."

Answer this question via an essay, up to 1500 words

Dr. Dalal Alrajeh

Dr. Dalal Alrajeh's Question

"A.I. nowadys plays an instrumental role in developments in the natural sciences - these have included predicting chemical reactions, discovering protocols for stem cell differentiation and most recently, predicting 3D shapes of proteins (DeepMind, Google).

In the future, could A.I. replace human scientists and why?"

Answer this question via a feature article, up to 1500 words

Prof. Armand Leroi

Prof. Armand Leroi's Question

"How will A.I.s turn art into science?"

Answer this question via a creative writing piece, up to 1500 words

Lord Robert Winston

Lord Robert Winston's Task

"Human consciousness is the great unsolved puzzle in biology.

How can we make artificial intelligence?"

You may answer this in any format of your choice. If you do decide to answer this question via a video or audio clip, upload it to YouTube, with a maximum length of 5 minutes, with the hashtag #RCSU_SciChalXII. Otherwise, upload your submission in PDF format.

We are looking for creativity, clarity, and accuracy.