Royal College of Science Union

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a student and wish to enter the Science Challenge, please urge one of your school teachers to register your school here. Once you complete this form, your school will be eligible for the Science Challenge for following years.

Only one. You only need to choose one question and answer it accordingly to the format.

You can put in a submission Individually or in a Team.

To form a Team, you need to have a minimum of 3 members and a maximum of 4. Team members do NOT have to be from the same school however please note that you may have to frequently communicate with your teammates so please be realistic in your strategy.

Yes, there is a word limit of 1000-1200 for "essay" style questions. This is because we believe it is essential for scientific communication to be clear and concise.

For questions in "freestyle" format, there are ultimately 3 ways your submission can be in:

  1. A writing piece with a 1000-1200 word limit
  2. A video entry with a 4-minute limit
  3. A PowerPoint slideshow, with an audio recording of the presentation - you can think about this as if you were "screen sharing" while presenting it online.
    Please note there is also a 4-minute time limit for presentations of this type

Here are the steps on how to submit:

  1. Browse files and attach your entry in an email: For writing pieces, please put them in PDF format, PowerPoint presentations and videos in MP4 format please. If this is your first time recording yourself on PowerPoint and exporting it in MP4, watch: this video on YouTube
  2. The subject of your email must be SCsubmissions2021. For us to accept your entry, please do not miss out on this step!
  3. Send it to and ONLY this email.
  4. After sending the email please complete this form